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Houses, Apartments, Building hallways, Offices, Moving in/Move out. 
We clean from one time, deep cleaning to weekly, bi- weekly, and monthly.


Experts in organizing Closets, Cabinets, and Garages.

We divide, separate and regrouping your personal space for you to be stress free.



Clean ceiling fans, clean additional sliding glass doors (one set included with Standard cleaning), remove books from bookshelves and clean shelves, vacuum furniture (family room furniture included with Standard Cleaning), clean underneath area rugs, clean baseboards, clean woodwork, clean window interiors, sweep porch, clean outside table and chairs, sweep garage, in-house laundry (wash/dry/fold/put-away), ironing, clean inside elevator.


Clean inside freezer and refrigerator, clean inside oven, under stove top, clean exhaust fan/hood, wash out wastebaskets, clean cabinet fronts, remove all items from cabinets and clean cabinets, re-place shelf paper, and re-place items, and fill in/empty out dishwasher.


Clean inside of empty cabinets and drawers, wash woodwork and window interiors, remove all items from cabinets and clean cabinets, replace shelf paper, re-place items.

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